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W7th Renovation

Vancouver, British Columbia

2006 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / Interior / 115 ft2

This project consisted of the renovation of one room in a penthouse condo in Vancouver. The spatial demands on the first room were high. In only 115 sq.ft., the client required a space that would serve not only as a formal office, but one suitable for crafts and hobbies and their associated storage needs. The design solution came by way of a custom millwork installation with 200 cu.ft. of storage capacity and an integral, sliding, cantilevered worktop.

The sliding action of the worktop provides the flexibility necessary for the functions of work and leisure to effortlessly and conveniently coexist within the same small space. When an extra work surface is needed, the worktop can be moved to numerous positions along the length of the room on a custom roller and track system. Conversely, with a simple movement, the worktop can be slid into a pocket within the depth of the millwork, providing the user more open floor space, full access to storage and the adjacent window wall.

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  • Photography / Michael Boland