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W2nd Renovation

Vancouver, British Columbia

2001 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / Interior / 1200 ft2

This project consisted of a complete overhaul to an existing 1950s apartment. Previously unused space under an existing stair to the roof deck was replaced with a multi-purpose millwork element. Framed with standard lumber, and covered with maple veneered panels, this piece provides roof deck access, as well as audio/video equipment storage and a built-in gas fireplace. To accentuate it’s free standing, furniture-like nature, the millwork stops short of the ceiling. The stair continues up by way of three floating laminated glass treads, allowing light from the windows above to penetrate the living room below.

Other renovations to the space included a thorough kitchen upgrade and those to the main bathroom, where a tactile material pallet of stainless steel, concrete, maple and slate, in addition to new fixtures, replaced the existing laminate cabinets and aged blue fixtures. A solid 2” cast-in-place concrete countertop supported on a wall hung floating cabinet, becomes the main focus of the space. The concrete pierces through the wall into the adjoining hallway, animating the previously banal space. A notch cut into the maple sliding panel accepts the protruding counter when the door slides shut.

  • Credits
  • design & build / Splyce