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Trotman Renovation

Vancouver, British Columbia

2015 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / Interior / Addition / 3500 ft2

  • Publications
  • Dwell.com, September 26, 2015

This project included the selective renovation, addition and landscape design of a late 1920s house in Vancouver.

Tailored to the lifestyle of a young family of four, the majority of work focused at the rear, south side of the home, to improve daily function and increase connectivity to the landscape and access to the new studio and garage.

Interior alterations included general updates throughout, including those to the kitchen and bathrooms. Additions to the home included a new family room adjacent to the kitchen, where large, sliding glass doors open this space up to a new deck and landscaped rear yard for play and lounging. A new accessory building was designed to mirror the family room with its modern vocabulary- a distinct departure from the details of the existing traditional house. While one half is designed as garage space, the other half is designed as a studio to casually engage with the garden and the house by way of sliding glass doors that open up the corner for unobstructed flow.

Apart from a new main entry area and stair at the front, and the addition in the rear, the bulk of the exterior of the home was left as-is. Painted a monochrome grey, the house becomes a quiet backdrop for the new work, and extensive landscape redesign.

  • Credits
  • Build / Weibel Projects
  • Structural / Formosa Engineering
  • Landscape / Considered Design
  • Photography / Sama Jim Canzian