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Salari 2

Vancouver, British Columbia

2013 / Complete / Commercial / Renovation / Interior / 4900 ft2

This project involved the renovation of an existing warehouse for a high end carpet retailer and signifies their evolution from a retail focus operation to a more trade specific business, catering to the architectural and design industry.

This new business model called for a space with greater storage capacity and work areas for employees and visitors. Similar to Salari’s previous space , individual hanging rugs slide out from their holding positions on either end of a large “stage”, where they are effectively showcased. Opposite the stage is a workstation and long, multipurpose wood storage unit that runs the length of the space, for samples and product brochures.

Clean, simple geometry and an honest palette of materials provide a quiet backdrop for the richness, beauty and vibrancy of the product.



  • Credits
  • Design / Nigel Parish
  • Build / Davidson Walker
  • Structural / WHM Structural Engineers
  • Photography / Ivan Hunter