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Kitsilano Renovation

Vancouver, British Columbia

2013 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / Interior / 3500 ft2

  • Publications
  • Vancouver Home Magazine, Winter 2014/2015

This project included a thorough renovation, restoration and landscape design of a traditional Craftsman House in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver. Originally built in 1912, the house had received a mishmash of alterations over the years, rendering it with a confused identity.

The exterior of the home was carefully restored to its original condition and set off by the new landscape design. Modern elements, such as exposed concrete walls, paving slabs and textured mass plantings reference the modern renovation of the interior and provide first time visitors with a clue of what to expect inside.

The existing small, segregated interior spaces were opened up to reveal a continuity of space and light. A minimal selection of material finishes were used to further accentuate the volume and flow between spaces. A bold block of dark stone on the living room fireplace surround anchors the space, while similarly, a red glazed ceramic tile on the powder room wall is a surprising counterpoint to the white and tonal qualities of the main living areas. Continuous panels of glass line the staircase rising from the main entry to the upper floors.

To maintain a reference to scale and ornament of the original home, most of the existing window opening sizes were kept as-is, but replaced with new, thermally efficient units manufactured with the same detail as the original. All of the openings on the west side of the house were enlarged and replaced with sliding glass doors to maximize the light and breeze.

  • Credits
  • Design / Nigel Parish, Doug Weibel
  • Build / Kindred Construction
  • Structural / Jim Mandelli
  • Landscape / Splyce Design w/ Considered Design
  • Photography / Ivan Hunter & Chris Rollett (last image)