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Gastown Loft

Vancouver, British Columbia

2005 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / Interior / 825 ft2

  • Publications
  • Small+Modern+Urban=Home by Altana Lleonard, 2008

The existing main floor in this loft consisted of undefined and uninspired domestic spaces outfitted with standard developer finishes.  The design concept was to provide definition and order to each functional space of the loft while maintaining the sense of an integrated whole.

Conceived as the core of the loft, the re-designed kitchen defines, and in turn is defined by its adjacent spaces. An extension to the upper floor not only serves as a new office, but acts to strengthen suggestions of boundaries for the kitchen, dining and living space below. Five laminated glass inlays in the new floor allow for views and light to penetrate up and down and provide a sense of playful curiosity, interaction and intrigue.

Due to budget constraints, all existing appliances were saved, however, the existing fridge was moved into a niche built into the adjacent hall closet where it sits behind a sliding panel, out of view from the living and dining areas. The void left from the fridge relocation allowed the wall between the kitchen and bathroom to be retrofitted with a fixed floor to ceiling clear glass partition. Privacy levels and views in and out can be adjusted by means of an opaque sliding panel detailed with a translucent glass strip.

White lacquered millwork was selected in an effort to blend it with the surrounding white walls and to maintain the sense of light, openness and flow. Backlit, translucent glass upper cabinets in the kitchen and a floating bar-top made from strips of plywood, add texture and depth to the space when juxtaposed to the white-on-white scheme of the loft. The multi-functional bar element serves as a double sided eating counter, work surface and subtle “room” divider between the kitchen, dining and circulation zones.

  • Credits
  • Photography / Michael Boland