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Evergreen Renovation

North Vancouver, British Columbia

2012 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / Interior / Addition / 3200 ft2

This project included the renovation and addition to a late 1960s house in North Vancouver.

Interior alterations focused on opening up the main living areas to maximize functionality and connect them to the exterior. Large sliding glass doors open up to the landscape and repurpose the immediate exterior space as an outdoor room.

Additions to the home included a much needed home office and rec room for an active young family of four. Rather than trying to feather and blend in the addition, the new work consists of a simple and honest rectilinear form added to the front of the existing home. The juxtaposition of the traditional hipped roof house with the unadorned addition allows for a clear articulation of each and acknowledges the home’s evolution and a reflection of the family’s growth.

  • Credits
  • Design / Nigel Parish, Doug Weibel
  • Build / Blackfish Homes Ltd.
  • Structural / Ennova Structural Engineers
  • Photography / Ivan Hunter