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West Vancouver, British Columbia

2009–2010 / Complete / Residential / Renovation / 3200 ft2

This project consisted of an extensive renovation to a 40 year old post and beam house In West Vancouver.

Design work focused on the opening up of the interior spaces and maximizing the access, both visually and physically, to the ocean view to the south and and the large granite outcropping to the north. The existing post and beam system provided the flexibility necessary for the straightforward removal of existing walls, while maintaining a definitive structural order. While the previous spaces were chopped up and disconnected, the new ones are open, bright- all conducive to the social activities of the family.

To accommodate the much needed extra storage capacity and a new bathroom in the master suite, the bed and bathroom spaces needed to be compressed. A millwork unit blends these two spaces together- at one end becoming the bathroom vanity and at the other, the master bed headboard. An added walk-in shower is open to the bedroom but can be closed off by way of a roll down screen.

  • Credits
  • build / Corbett Homes Ltd
  • Structural / Ennova Structural Engineers
  • Photography / Ivan Hunter